President's Letter
November 2011

James D. McFarlin


Dear Fellow Guild Members,

Are you a Commander of inner space?


I am far, very far indeed, from being a poet.  But for some inexplicable reason I was seized with the compulsion to compose a president’s message in verse addressing the joys we as writers experience creating imaginary worlds for our readers. 


And so, with a supportive nudge or two from Guild member and poet extraordinaire Dessa Reed, I have done so.  I hope you find value for your writing journey in “The Commander of Inner Space.”



The Commander of Inner Space


Travel, fellow writers, to faraway lands,

Your computer, a spaceship, obeying commands.

Powered by imagination filling your mind,

Inspiration propels your readers to leave this world behind.

You toy with them, cajole them, trick them if you must,

Hurled beyond boundaries, then bring them home, gaining their trust.

You tempt them with fortune, tease them with fame,

Goad them to reach high, higher than they might aim.

You capture their hearts, their emotions, their fears

Send them soaring with joy then reduce them to tears.

You lead them on pulse-pounding journeys, ever raising the stakes

Before whisking them to some peaceful, mystical place.

For you are the master of their emotions, you see,

As long as they’re turning your pages, one-two-three.

So bestow on them magical visions, grand hopes of love and desire,

Dreams beyond dreams, mountains to climb, happiness to aspire.

They will return seeking chills and thrills or a quiet, imaginary place.

For you are the Commander of their inner space.



James McFarlin


Palm Springs Writers Guild

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