Mentoring Program

Some of us reach points in our writing journey - whether it be in story organization, suggestions on finding an editor, publishing assistance, ideas for marketing, or in other ways - where we can use personalized assistance.
One of the many benefits of being a Guild member is your access to experienced members who can help you along the way.  The Mission of the Guild's Mentoring Program is thus as follows:
Provide an experienced Guild member to serve as champion, facilitator, or guide to the Guild for members seeking specialized assistance.
Your mentor is, as our Mission states, a facilitator rather than a copy editor, a sounding board and guide rather than a personal assistant.  Use their talents wisely.
Current areas of mentoring assistance:
    •    Biography, memoir, nonfiction, poetry 
    •    Fiction, the arts, religion/theology, psychology & self help
    •    Self publishing, book distribution and marketing
We will attempt to address other specialized interests.
To discuss your mentoring needs, contact Jim McFarlin at: PRESIDENT.PSWG@GMAIL.COM

The Mentoring Program is a benefit of Membership.

If you are unsure about the current status of your membership, please contact VPMEMBERSHIP.PSWG@GMAIL.COM.

If you would like to participate in this program but are currently not a member, Become a Member.

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