In the Spotlight is Lynne Spreen

Lynne was born and raised here, and calls herself a Southern California girl. She attended the University of Redlands and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Management.  Her thirty-year career was in Human Resources, at two school districts and one law firm.

 I asked her when she started writing, and her response was: “That’s like asking me when I first noticed my eyes were green.”  Well, let me put it another way.  “I guess I’ve always been writing something. My mother told me as a child I was always scribbling notes of one kind or another.” 

 Lynne moved to Palm Desert in 2004, and did some freelance writing.  She wrote a newspaper column, “Personnel Office,” for The Riverside Business Journal, advising small business owners on the ins and outs of Human Resources. She also wrote for Desert Woman Magazine, and the Palm Desert Magazine for two years, where she profiled different business owners in the community.

 When asked about her new novel, Dakota Blues, she said it's about a woman who redefines her life in the second half. Lynne says she's passionate about that particular theme. The novel took her about ten years to complete.  “I needed to know how to write before I could write. It was a process of learning and writing.”  She enrolled in writing classes, critique groups, and attended writer’s conferences. She learned that the publishing industry was changing, and she needed to learn about platforming, social networking, and blogging.  As a result of all her hard work, Lynne now has published her first book, has 900 followers on her website, and many followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

 Lynne is married, has three children and four grandchildren.  While she works on her next book, a collection of short stories, she’s babysitting her infant grandson. Right now she can cuddle him into her lap, but look out when he’s old enough to reach out for the computer keys.

 Her collection of short stories, “The New Country: Stories of Midlife and Beyond” will be out in the spring of 2013.  You can reach Lynne on

Or on her website at:

 As if she isn’t busy enough, Lynne has signed on to an exploratory committee to help find the type of classes that would benefit our guild members.  She will be giving a presentation on Social Networking prior to the  November Monthly Meeting.  Check the Guild website for time and date.

Written By: Dodie Cross

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