January 5, 2013 (23)

Created on: Sunday, January 06, 2013
Monthly Meeting: January 5, 2013
Presenting Speaker: Publishing Consultant Patricia Fry

  • New members,Alice Tomlinson and Marilyn Yeates
  • Bonnie Rieger (aka Harriet Bocca) "talks up" her book to our Speaker, Patricia Fry.
  • Jim McFarlin, Patricia Fry, and Sunny Simon.
  • Vicki Mills and Marge Dodge.
  • New Member, Hans Wiedemann, and guest.
  • Long line of members signing in.
  • Tom McKeowen, Matt Miller, and Jim McFarlin
  • Debra and John chat prior to the meeting.
  • President, Jim McFarlin opens the first meeting of the new year.
  • Members applaud our new member, Matt Miller, who has just returned from Iraq.
  • Full house.
  • Kathy Bjork announces the upcoming Short Story Contest.
  • Alan Hurst congratulates Cheryl Heineman on winning the Writing Challenge for January.
  • Alan announces the February Challenge.
  • Virginia Hummel reads Cheryl Heineman's winning entry.
  • Jim announces the guest speaker for our February meeting.
  • Sunny Simon introduces our January speaker, Patricia Fry.
  • Patricia Fry addresses a packed auditorium.
  • Patricia Fry.
  • Marissa Willman asks a question during the Q&A period.
  • More questions during Q&A
  • Some of our new members attending the Orientation Meeting.
  • Patricia Fry speaks with some members during the Networking portion of the meeting.
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