March 2, 2013 (30)

Created on: Sunday, March 03, 2013
  • Members and guests check-in (both two legged and four legged).
  • Welcoming our members and guests.
  • E-Reading prior to beginning of meeting.
  • Guests waiting to hear our Speaker.
  • Sunny & Jim.
  • Attentive audience.
  • Dustan makes sure all video and audio runs smoothly.
  • President Jim McFarlin welcomes members and guests to our March 2nd meeting.
  • Recognition of new members.
  • John Carrigan announces The Desert Writer's Expo to be held on March 20th.
  • Allan Hurst announces the winner of the February Writing Challenge.
  • Allan congratulates Marissa Willman, the winner of the February Writing Challenge.
  • Allan announces the topic for the March Writing Challenge.
  • Virginia Hummel reads Marissa's winning entry.
  • Sunny Simon explains rules and deadline for the Short Story Contest.
  • Sunny announces Workshop.
  • Jim Misko announces our Guest Speaker.
  • Jim welcomes Andrew Neiderman.
  • Andrew Neiderman, aka V.C. Andrews
  • Andrew addresses packed house.
  • Large attendance.
  • Q&A period.
  • More questions for our speaker.
  • Matt Miller asks a couple of questions.
  • Meet & greet following meeting.
  • Member Ed Lopatin meets with Andrew.
  • Eli Pagunsan and Jim McFarlin.
  • Jim McFarlin and new member Dwight Halvorson.
  • New Member Orientation.
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