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Tadeo's Search for Circles by Marion Brooker

Hold the OXO! by Marion Brooker

My Carmel by Rita Firestone Seger, D.D.

Better Living Through Right Thinking by Ulrike

The Berlin Escape by Victor O. Swatsek

The Women of Saint Germain
by C. Claire Lucka

The Women of Saint Germain
by C. Claire Lucka

Lady in the Window by Maryann Ridini Spencer

Nuclear Birds in the Everglades by Charles D. Carter

Stitches by Kathy Weyer

Stitches by Kathy Weyer

STAINER: A novel of the 'Me Decade' by Iolanthe Woulff

The Big Write - A Journey of Words
Judith L. Butler

The Chameleon from Hong Kong
David Roos

Remembering Pop Pop by Rosalee Tithof

My Michigan Summer by Rosalee Tithof, Illustrated by Fred Arndt

For What He Could Become
James A. Misko

Miss Minnie & More Forgotten Women of The West
by Judith L. Butler

Nevada Belle & The Forgotten Women of The West
by Judith L. Butler

West of The Big Road - Stories Of The Land & Home
by Judith L. Butler

Too Early for FlowersToo Early for Flowers
Kurt Sipolski

Classic Short Stories
Sir Jr. A.K.A.
Johnny Lee

All Ways A Woman
Carol Mann and Lynn Centeno

by Judith Fabris

A Woman of Vision by
Joanna Rivera Stark

Crossing the Bar
Captain Paul Lobo

White Coat Secrets:
Still Standing: A Doctor's Story

The Italian Illusion by
Victor O. Swatsek

Inside Dumont by Michael Craft

The Soldier, the Avatar, and the Holocaust: WWII Germany, Jan.-May, 1945 by Ronni Sanlo

To Survive is Not Enough
Ruth Lindemann

From Bagels to Buddha: How I Found My Soul and Lost My Fat by Judy Hollis

The Pirate's Booty by Alex Westmore

The Death Collector
by Alex Westmore

The Line
by J.D. Horn

Deception: Palm Springs by Alex Ironrod (Gay Mystery)Deception -
Palm Springs by Alex Ironrod

Faultfinders: The Impact of Borderline Personality Disorder
by Mark OIsterloh

The Incredible Adventures of Doc Atlas: The Doc Atlas Omnibus
by Ray Lovato

Prairie Pictures by Shirlee Smith-Matheson (Juvenile Fiction)Prairie Pictures
by Shirlee Matheson

Weird Menace Volume 2 by Mel Odom, Paul Dellinger, Ray Lavota and 3 more

War of the Raven by Andrew Kaplan (Spy Thriller/Historical Thriller)War of the Raven by Andrew Kaplan

Forever and 365 days by Ulrike

The Feather and the Moon Well by Shean Pao

The Hope Mother by Judy Scognamillo (Religious Fiction)Hope Mother by Judy Scognamillo

Amazing Flights and Flyers by Shirlee Smith-Matheson (Adult NonFiction)Amazing Flights & Flyers by Shirlee Smith Matheson

Playboy on Stage: A History of the World's Sexiest Nightclubs by Patty Farmer (Nonfiction)Playboy on Stage: A History of the World's Sexiest Nightclubs by Patty Farmer

Sargent's Lady by Judith Fabris

The Honey Trap by Darlene Turner (Fiction / Romance / Suspense)The Honey Trap by Darlene Turner

Murder She Typed by Sylvia Selfman (Mystery)Murder She Typed by Sylvia Selfman

Letters From The Road by G. Gordon DavisLetters from the Road by G. Gordon Davis 

Fastback Beach by Shirlee Smith-Matheson (Young Adult Novel)Fastback Beach by Shirlee Smith Matheson

Degrees of Courage by Shari Vester

Blue Salt Water by Dan Green (Historical Fiction)Blue Salt Water by Dan Green

Murder By the Book by Sylvia Selfman (Cozy Mystery)Murder by the Book by Sylvia Selfman

The Prague Deception by Victor O. Swatsek (*Fiction)The Prague Deception by Victor O. Swatsek

Cafe Respect by Steve Scott (Mystery Novel)Cafe Respect by Steve Scott

A Likely Story by Amy Mull Fremgen (short stories)A Likely Story by Amy Mull Fremgen

Reruns by D. Marie Fitzgerald

Beachwalk by Audrey MoeBeachwalk by Audrey Schumacher Moe

MacGuffin, by Michael Craft (fiction drama)

Three Minutes on Love by Roccie Hill (Adult Fiction)

A Vow Made True by Dolores Carruthers (Memoir)

A Bird Black As the Sun, Edited by Enid Osborn and Cynthia Anderson (Poetry)

Desert Dweller by Cynthia Anderson (Poetry)

Anybody Can Enjoy Computers by Vicki Mills

Chocolates on the Go by Anthony L. Manne (How-To)

Fatal Error by Gary D. Cooper (Military Nonfiction)

Window of Exposure by Roccie Hill (Military Fiction)

Alice at the Home Front by Mardiyah Tarantino (Juvenile/Historical)

Building Your Business Plan: A Step by Step Approach by Harold J. McLaughlin (Business)

How To Finance Any Real Estate, by James Misko

En 1,2,3 puedes usar y disfrutar la computadora, by Vicki Mills and Karina Preciado-Quintanilla

Voices of Dawn by Dawn Rylander Spitz

A Broad Abroad in Iran by Dodie Cross (NonFiction)

The Girl in the Butternut Dress by Joanne Hardy (Historical Fiction)

Red Hot Sky by by Gordon Gumpertz

Tree Top Angels by Carolyn Sollano (Young Adult)

Tsunami by Gordon Gumpertz (Action Adventure Fiction)

A Broad Abroad in Thailand by Dodie Cross (Humor)

Desert Walk, by Audrey Moe

Miss Buena’s Pet Cemetery by Steve Scott (Mystery)

Lessons Learned by Katrina Davis-Bias (Memoir)

Spell Check (Teen Wytche Saga) by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance)

Spell Struck by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance)

Sudden Death, by Steve Manning

Chicken Soup from Around the World by David (Cat) Cohen (Food/Travel)

Tomorrow They Will Kiss by Eduardo Santiago (Historical Fiction)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, by Rachel Druten

Unlock the Truth by Robena Grant (Suspense)

Prostitutes, Virgins and Mothers by Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti (Biblical History)

Late Bloomer Millionaires by S. Schullo & D. Robertson (Non-Fiction/Finance How-To)

Not Happy Get Happy by Elizabeth Schadrack (Self-Help)

Roots of the Vines by Arlene Morgan and Ronald Krivosha (Fiction, Romance)

In the Mojave by Cynthia Anderson (Poetry)

The 6th of Six (The Legend of Kimraig Llu) by J. K. (Keith) Wilson (Apocalyptic Sci-Fi)

The Persian Room Presents by Patty Farmer (Non-Fiction)

She's My Dad by Iolanthe Woulff (fiction thriller)

How To Survive Your Promotion by Edward J. Lopatin (Business Self-Help)

My Michigan Summer by Rose Klopf Tithof (Children)

The Psychic Life of George HL Mallory by Ray E Harkleroad, Jr (Autobiography)

The Butterfly Touch by Dessa Byrd Reed

Spell Fire (The Teen Wytche Saga), by Ariella Moon, (Young Adult Romance)

Dakota Blues by Lynne M. Spreen (Midlife-Fiction)

Sabbatical in the Sun by Jackie Ullrich ( Fiction Romantic Intrigue)

Eyes of Your Heart by Frederic Delarue

The Cut of Pride by James A. Misko (Fiction)

Glad Hand Saloon by Steve Scott (Western Fiction)

Eula May and the Flim Flam Nun by Amy Mull Fremgen (Mystery)

Alaskans by Tanyo Ravicz (Fiction/Stories)

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Better Business Plan by Harold J. McLaughlin

Hot Water by Kathryn Jordan (sophisticated romance novel)

A Man of His Village

Celebrities in Hiding by Audrey Schumacher Moe

Thunder Mountain Brides: Hidden Secrets - Agnes by Amanda A. Brooks (Western Romance)

Ring of Fire by Tanyo Ravicz (Fiction/Action-Adventure)

To the Manor Drawn by Leslie Ann Bosher (travel/memoir/non-fiction)

At Risk: Passion and Peril at Sea by Jackie Ullerich (Fiction Suspense Thriller)

Growing Up Ugly by Fritzie von Jessen (Fiction)

Pop's Rules: A Novel by D. Thompson (A Collection of Tenant Stories)

Botticelli's Bastard by Stephen Maitland-Lewis (Fiction)

The Every Woman's Guide to Equality by Carlynne McDonnell (Non-Fiction)

Drive for Dough (A Lena Bettencourt Golf Novel) by Marj Charlier

Hacienda: A South American Romance by Marj Charlier (Adult Romance)

Once upon a Mulberry Field by C. L. Hoang (Historical Fiction)

Lone Pine
Ken Waxlax

The Earth Abides Forever
Ken Waxlax

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