PALM SPRINGS WRITERS GUILD Monthly Writing Challenge 2013-2014 Season

The Monthly Writing Challenge is designed to encourage PSWG Members to write. It is also an exercise to practice working under a deadline, keeping story momentum using only 500 words, writing within submission guidelines, accepting winning accomplishments in a public setting, as well as improving on the willingness and persistence to submit additional work should a story not be selected as a winner.

Character Matters.

This season the Monthly Writing Challenge invites members to develop well-defined characters in their story-telling. Characters make your story! The judges will be looking for characters who reveal their basic motivations, desires and fears, who encounter tough obstacles, and who change or come to some crucial insight – in short, characters a reader will turn the page for.

The winning entry is read at the following scheduled monthly meeting. (Example: November's winning entry will have the story read aloud and the author announced at the December Monthly Meeting.)

**Important! Scroll to bottom of page for Submission Rules and find out how to have your entries professionally reviewed**

October 2013 Challenge: Character with a dialect that causes a problem. 

The judges will be looking for good dialogue with dialect and a conflict arising from dialect.
*Submit entry with $5.00 fee at  October 5, 2013 Monthly Meeting.

November 2013 Challenge: Show a character motivated by love, or hate, or greed, or fear, or lust, or etc. 

The judges will be looking for the reason why your character acts the way he/she does.
*Submit entry with $5.00 fee at 
November 2, 2013 Monthly Meeting.

December 2013 Challenge: Develop a character between the lines. 

First line: He did not have friends. He was silent most of the time.
Last Line: It pulled and pulled him until he found himself leaning close against her, pressing his forehead to her neck.
*Email Entry ONLY!: Deadline is December 14, 2013.
 *No submission fee. Prize is $100.

January 2014 Challenge: Use of senses other than sight (sound, taste, touch and smell) to provide a portrait of your character’s emotional life.
The judges will be looking for the use of senses that evoke a memory – for example; an old song that conjures up memories from a past summer romance, the odor of death or decay that your character reacts to with fear, the touch of velvet that sets off an emotional reaction in your character.
*Submit entry with $5.00 fee at January 4, 2014 Monthly Meeting.

February 2014 Challenge: Show your character’s defining moment. 
The judges will be looking for a point at which the essential nature or character of a person is revealed or identified.
*Email Titled Entry in PDF or DOC Format Only!
Deadline is February 1, 2014.
*No Submission fee.  Prize is $100.

March 2014 Challenge: Poetry Contest
To honor the genre of poetry all members (poets and non-poets) are invited to submit one original unpublished poem of any form (rhymed or free verse), length (up to 30 lines), and theme.
* Send entry in the body of an e-mail (no attachment) with your name and phone number to Computer Tutor Vicki Mills at Poems, minus personal information, will be forwarded to Ruth Nolan, Professor of English at College of the Desert, for judging.
* Deadline is March 15, 2014.
* No Entry Fee (One of our members has offered to fund the program!) 
* First Prize: $100 ~ Second Prize: $50 ~ Third Prize: $25
*The winning poems will be read and prizes awarded during National Poetry Month at the April Monthly Meeting.

April 2014 Challenge: A Wikipedia entry for the President of the United States 2050. 

The judges will be looking for a creative, encyclopedia-like description of the 2050 POTUS.
*Submit titled entry with $5.00 fee at the April 5, 2014 Monthly Meeting.
*The announcement of the winner is delayed until the June 7, 2014 meeting.

**Submission Rules**

Be sure to comply to all requirements. As with most professional writing submissions, there is no leeway on the above rules.

Your entry will not be returned to you unless you have requested an editorial review.
Questions? Please contact:

~ Must be a member of Palm Springs Writers Guild with current status.

~ Monthly entries must be submitted by hand at the specific monthly meeting. [Example: Submit October’s entry at the beginning of the October meeting] With the exception of December 2013 and February 2014 – those entries should be submitted via email in either PDF or DOC format only to:

~ Title your entry.

~ Entry of 500 words or less

~Double space, 12-point Times Roman or Times New Roman

~Indented paragraphs

~Do not put your name on your entry.

~ Entry Fee: $5.00 CASH ONLY

~Place entry in envelope with $5.00 cash fee, and write your name only on the outside of the envelope.

PLEASE NOTE: *Exception to submission & fee rules for email entries for December 2013 and February 2014. Please review. 

*Bonus! If you are a current member and wish a complimentary editorial review of your submission, also enclose a SASE with your submission.

Questions? Please contact:

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