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No matter what level of writing, the journey is always exciting when a new pinnacle is reached.  Often encouragement and inspiration can be found through the achievements of others on the same path.

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Shean Pao is finishing her first novella while offering a great deal of current
information on writing and self publishing at her blog:

Lucinda Sue Crosby Hampton Roads Publishing and Hierophant Publishing are honored to announce the Top Ten authors who will be moving on to the final round in the Next Best Fiction Author Contest: Including Lucinda Sue Crosby, The Cancer Club 

Congratulations to our Top Ten finalists! Allison Jacob, Assistant to the Publisher

Shirlee Matheson will be guest participant in a splendid literary conference in Calgary, Alberta, from August 9-11, 2013, called “When Words Collide”. See website: and JOIN HER IF YOU CAN!

Katrina Bias is having fun attending book signing and book talk events. She has been presented in Jacksonville, FL, Raleigh, NC, Pasadena, CA, Pomona, CA and at several local book clubs. Working on her second book, she expects to tour a wider area next year when her murder mystery is expected to be published.

Steven Corley Randel recently began writing articles for the online shelter magazine, Here is a link to his first article and another to his latest. 

Judith L Butler performed at the Western Jam event in June at the Autry in LA. Reading from her book Minnie & the Forgotten Women of the West. Butler is working on a new collection of short stories "West of the Big Road" at - Due this fall.

Dr. Paula Trimble-Familetti is a regular contributor to the Words of Faith column appearing in the Friday edition of The Desert Sun Newspaper.  Read her blog at

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