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No matter what level of writing, the journey is always exciting when a new pinnacle is reached. Often encouragement and inspiration can be found through the achievements of others on the same path. Inspire others by sharing your writing victories, promotions and successes!

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Spring and Summer 2020

Greetings one and all,

Sorry I haven't communicated with you for a while. This is my first post-covid newsletter. I hope everyone is safe and well as we self-isolate during this pandemic. In my small desert town of Yucca Valley, we are practicing social distancing wearing masks (or in my case a bright turquoise bandana) along with so many others in our state, our nation, and throughout the world. This has been a time of serious health concerns, shared sacrifice, and big changes in how we conduct our lives affecting our personal relationships, our ability to earn a living, how we interact with others, how we obtain food, medical care, and even toilet paper as we shelter in our homes. In my area we only have a sprinkling of cases, but that is steadily increasing. It is tempting to want to throw in the towel. Last week I had a scary low-grade fever for several days, but fortunately was able to get tested and the result was negative. Whew!

Like many of you, my living situation and ability to earn an income has been profoundly affected. My primary source of earning money for the past few years has been performing at hospitals, senior homes, and care centers augmented by traveling to teach students and colleagues both locally and in Los Angeles. The care centers no longer allow visitors and commuting to LA these days is a quarantine breaker. In the past month, my income fell to zero. However, along with so many doors closing, technology has opened new paths to creativity, communication, and employment. I am currently telecommunicating with my 12-group. I am also zooming on video with my zen meditation group and doing zoom yoga. In addition, I have resurrected income by doing some songwriting consultation and teaching on zoom and skype. Virtual sharing and virtual work is far better than relegating oneself to being just a couch potato.

In the midst of all this slowdown, thee has been a plethora of inspiring new music on the web and media. A fine example of this was Elton John's iHeart's Living Room for America concert that aired on Fox on March 29. .It featured major recording stars like Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Tim McGraw, Mariah Carey, and many others including Elton himself singing casually and unplugged from their residences and home studios to benefit Feeding America. You should be able to find this online if you haven't seen it. Other ways that music has helped us get through these challenging times include Italians singing opera to their neighbors on their balconies and many other free expressions including several funny quarantine-themed song parodies on youtube. 

Exciting powerful new rock video from female empowerment group Machisma Militia

In the spirit of all this I want to invite you to watch a you tube music video by a group that my collaborator Sarra Gallagher and I have written and that she has produced for MACHISMA MILITA, a female empowerment rock group she has created. Their music has been called a combination of the Spice Girls snd the Who. You can watch it at

New travel book from Cat Cohen to be released soon

Before the pandemic hit us I was working on a travel book describing a trip to western Canada that I took in 2018. Now that I am sheltering at home I am taking advantage of the opportunity to finish, edit, format, and proofread it. The title is self-explanatory, VANCOUVER to WHISTLER to CALGARY – A CAVIAR TRAVEL ADVENTURE ON A TUNAFISH BUDGET. Complete with over 40 colorful photos from my 2-week junket, I intend to have it ready for release sometime in May.

Feel free to let me know how you guys are coping with this fast-changing situation and what creative projects you are working on.

All my best,

[David] Cat Cohen

I hope you are staying well and safe.

In Search of Lost Lives, Michael Goddart’s unique memoir—the only book of its kind in the world—is the unprecedented account of his recovery of seventy-one human and seventeen animal past lives. Of particular interest may be the twelve “homophile” lives he recovered, including the three great loves he enjoyed in 1920s London, Denmark in the Viking Age, and Santorini in Ancient Greece.  In addition to precise, fascinating details of life in lost worlds, In Search of Lost Lives imparts secrets of existence and depicts the spiritual experiences and evolution that prepared him to follow his current spiritual path. This is in thef Reincarnation, Death & Dying Books Category.

Spiritual Revolution: A Seeker’s Guide is Michael Goddart’s distillation of the entire teachings of Saints and God-realized Masters from all traditions into 52 easily understood principles. Ardent seekers and curious readers, alike, can use this practical guide to make profound changes to empower their higher, nobler mind to advance their Self-realization. This is in the Iconic Books Category.

Spiritual Revolution and In Search of Lost Lives have each been nominated for a COVR Visionary Award. The COVR Visionary Awards have built a reputation over the past 25 years as an awards program that embodies excellence. Please vote by clicking here:
The categories showcase outstanding recent (and iconic) books, music, and other mind-body-spirit products. You may skip a category by jumping to the bottom of each ballot and checking “None of the above.” To have your vote counted, please complete the entire ballot. Before you vote, you may want to scroll through the voter’s guide by clicking the green link here:

Be well and find gratitude,


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Hello All,

I am British and we are based for much of the time in England. However we do have a home in La Quinta, California where I wrote the majority of my novel, 'The Panther Tales.' 

My publisher, 'For the Right Reasons are based in Inverness Scotland.

The genre of the book is fantasy fiction suitable for all ages and follows the story of a teenage girl who befriends a panther whilst discovering she possesses an imaginative gift.

I thought it would be happy news to share with the Guild.

I have met Marly at a 'meet the agent' workshop. I would love to share my joy with you all.

We are currently under lockdown restrictions here in  England and unable to travel to our beautiful home in the US. As soon as restrictions are lifted and it is safe we will return and I would be happy to bring my book to a socially distancing meeting.

Kind regards

Daniella Rushton
Author, The Panther Tales

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