BOARD VACANCIES - Nominations due February 8, 2020

Are YOU interested in becoming a PSWG Board Member? Now's the time to apply!

Members are the heart of PSWG's work, and our membership is consistently growing. All of our members on the Board of Directors are volunteers who work to keep the organization viable and moving forward. Because of the contributions of volunteers' time, talent, and expertise, PSWG can lead the industry of writers toward a world where our members have the tools and knowledge needed to engage in all aspects of the writing industry.

The PSWG Board of Directors works diligently to provide great member benefits:
- - Renown speakers at our General Meetings followed by Insider Workshops, 
- - Weekly Writing Labs (Boot Camps) on craft, 
- - Manuscript Review, 
- - Critique Groups (now expanding across the Coachella Valley), 
- - Monthly writing contests, 
- - A Desert Writers Expo for members to sell their books (February 15, 2020), and more.

PSWG is currently recruiting for our Board of Directors based upon the PSWG Bylaws for the remainder of our fiscal year 2019-2020 (through June 30, 2019) and for those interested in being on the ballot March 14, 2020 for our 2020-2021 year. 

Volunteering will allow you to:

  • Give back to the PSWG community by assisting in shaping the future of PSWG and its writers.
  • Share your voice by taking an active role in identifying writers’ trends and issues.
  • Make valuable business and personal connections by working alongside other members in the community of writers/publishers. These connections will help broaden your network and build lasting friendships with other thought leaders.

Click here for Board of Directors Job Descriptions.

If you are interested in ANY of the positions on the PSWG Board of Directors, please contact Marly Bergerud, PSWG President as soon as possible by email:

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