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Announcing the winners
of the
2016 Annual Writing  Contest

1st Place: Personal Essay
"On Top of Old Sparky" by Ronald Dulaney

1st Place: Short Story

"Maka the Cat with One Eye and Ke'oke the White Devil" by Robert Karr

2nd Place: Personal Essay
"Ode to An Ugly Urn" by Katrina Gallegos

2nd Place Short Story:
"A Hawaiian Encounter" by Robert Karr

3rd Place Personal Essay:
"Falling Star" by Andrew Kaplan

3rd Place Short Story:
"At the Club" by Michael Craft

Honorable Mentions:

"She Deserved It" by Julie Theel
"The Trouble with Morro Bay"
by Patricia Erickson
"My Guardian Angel" by Marion Booker

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