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  • President: Diana Miller-Castells
  • Vice President: Thomas McKeown
  • Treasurer: Marjorie Dodge
  • VP Programs: Edward Lopatin
  • VP Membership: Hilary Christiansen
  • Recording Secretary: Janet Asten
  • Correspondence Secretary: Lynne Spreen
  • Publicity & Marketing: John Fraim
  • Member at Large: Nancy Johnson 
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Kathryn Jordan Editor


There must be a story in there somewhere.

It's a basic thought, unless you are a writer.

Even more complicated? 

You know there is a story in there..but get the words on the page? Hmmm...

Where do you go with a story to be told?

From novice to professional, poet to script, blog to Twitter, we are a community of writers working together to make writing dreams a reality.

While we prepare for the upcoming season of events, please peruse our website, find us on Facebook and consider becoming a member.

I look forward to reading your story!


Diana Miller-Castells, President of the Board

The Palm Springs Writers Guild


There are currently 280 members of the Palm Springs Writers Guild 
President, Jim McFarlin, open the Day of New Works meeting for 2014.
Day of New Works hosts, Marge Dodge & Michael Craft prepare to announce this year's winners.
Michael Craft begins the ceremony.
Marge Dodge announces the rules for the annual contest.
Honorable Mention Award Winner, Barbara Cole for her story "Natural Birth"
Michael Craft receives his Honorable Mention Award for his story "In The Fridge"
Lynne Spreen receives an Honorable Mention Award for "His Little Gal"
Michael Craft also received a Third Place Award for his story "Frog Legs"
Second Place Award goes to Marsha Reed Nall for her story entitled "Reply"
Darcy Daniels reads the First Place Award winning story, "Gooseberries and Crocuses"
Darcy Daniels reads the First Place Award winner.
First Place Winner, Marion Brooker for her story "Gooseberries and Crocuses". Marion Brooker was not present for a photograph.
Following the Awards presentation Marge Dodge and Kathy Bjork discuss the mechanics of entering the annual contest.
Question and Answer period.
Sunny Simon, V.P. Prograrms, helps set up the refreshment table.
Lots of delightful goodies.
President, Jim McFarlin opens the March meeting.
Tom McKeown announces the details of the Professional Manuscript Review.
John Fraim announces the Monthly Writing Challenge.
"Cat" Cohen reads the winning entry.
John congratulates the winner of the Monthly Challenge, Judy Scognamillo.
Jim reminds members about Shark Tank for Writers to be held on March 15th.
Lynne Spreen announces her pre-meeting program in April.
Marge Dodge starts the Grammar Game.
Grammar Game Contestants.
More contestants.
Grammar Game Moderator, Michael Kraft.
Judy Fabris is up to bat.
Sorry, Judy...but here's a nice consolation prize.
The game continues.
The questions are starting to get tricky.
Really, tricky!
Lynne has a go at it.
Cat Cohen takes a turn.
Janet Asten's turn.
Michael explains a few finer points.
The ranks are dwindling.
John Carrigan answers correctly.
Eduora's turn.
Sally gives it her best shot.
Some people need an English lesson themselves.
Then there were two. Janet and Heidi are the last two standing.
Marge and Michael congratulate Janet Asten, our 2014 Grammar Game Winner.
Michael Kraft presents the prize winnings to Janet Asten. Congratulations, Janet.
The Sharks.
The Shark Tank Moderator, Marge Dodge, along with the Guild President, Jim McFarlin
John Hagen
Lynne Spreen
Ed Lopatin
First Author, Arlene Morgan
Mark Anderson records the event.
Arlene Morgan pitches her book to our sharks.
Arlene thanks the sharks.
Guests attending the Shark Tank Presentation
Tom McKeown and John Fraim discuss their book.
Bert Upson discusses his book "On A Clear Day" about his survival of the WTC attack on 9/11
The sharks offer some pointers.
Janet Asten directs a question to Bert.
Dwight Halvorsen's turn to discuss his book "A Tale of Different Colors"
Dwight Halvorsen
John Hagen announces the winner.
Bert Upson is awarded his winning certificate.
Jim McFarlin congratulates John Fraim for participating.
Jim congratulates Tom McKeown for participating in the first Shark Tank competition.
Judith Fabris and Janet Asten welcome guests.
Tony and Carol Mann
Denis LaComb
Burnett Deyerle
Dan Green
Lou Perlin and Irene Tritel
Elizabeth Schadrack
Victor Swatsek
Barbara Hagen
John Houlton
Audrey Moe
Jim Misko and Jim McFarlin
Mandy Evans
Lucinda Sue Crosby
Paul Clark
Richard Keene
Keith Wilson
Judith Butler
Dave (Cat) Cohen
Maria Woelfl
Jenny & Gordon Gumpertz
L to R: John Carrigan, Steve Schullo, and Dan Robertson
Bert Upson
Fritzie von Jessen
Madeleine de Jean
C. L. Hoang
Linda Chavez Doyle
Nina Markos
Eudora Pickett
Michael Dante
Donna Fitzgerald & Marge Dodge
Donna Fitzgerald
Dwight Halvorsen


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