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A Range of Experiences

Beginner…has a dream…and just now considering joining a Guild

I’ve spent my life involved with creativity, working in fashion design, graphic arts, and broadcast production. Yet I’ve had these stories in me – a series of children’s books – that I know I have to write!  The Guild’s workshops are helping me become a more polished writer.

Cary Lerner

Experienced… already writing their book but needs help demystifying the publishing labyrinth.

I’ve been writing song lyrics and poems my entire life.  I joined the Guild to help me focus on finishing and releasing my debut collection of poetry.  Being a member has given me access to critique groups to help refine my collection, and workshops to learn the best ways to get published.  Both have been invaluable.

David Murphy

Community-seeker… a writer that is seeking the company of likeminded people/fellow writers

I joined the Guild after we moved here from L.A. because it’s a positive and supportive community.  I’m inspired by how the Guild supports local high schools.  I want to get involved and help the next generation of writers.

Ruthie Marlenée

Stimulus-seeker…a writer that feeds off the diverse perspectives of poets, screenwriters, Sci-Fi writers, novelists, et al

I joined soon after moving to Palm Springs, delighted to learn there was a community of writers and curious about what kinds of activities I might find. More importantly, I find the company of other writers to be enjoyable, nourishing, and even inspiring.

Peter Schireson