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Jumpstart Your Novel
with Alan Russell
If you are despairing about the state of your novel, take heart.  Writing is fighting.  It is time to take stock of your words, and take control of them.  Russell will talk about strategies for tweaking, massaging, gutting, and jumpstarting your novel.

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Alan Russell is the award-winning author of sixteen mystery and suspense novels, and is an Amazon #1 bestseller.  

Join Alan at the general meeting on March 14, 2020 and take advantage of his Insider Workshop on March 15, 2020.   

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If you're a writer or reader, want to learn the craft of writing or support literary development in the Coachella Valley, the Guild is for you!

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We meet monthly at the beautiful Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory

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This is a list of topics we have covered in our meetings, workshops and events:

How do I become a better writer?

How do I market my book?

How do I make money selling books?

How do I develop characters for my story?

How do I develop a plot for my story?

Where can I meet other others?

Are there critique groups in Palm Springs?

What is the best way to find an Agent?

How do I get published?

How do I self-publish?

How do I get my book printed?

How do I convert my book to an ebook?

Where do I find a writers group?

How do I prepare my manuscript?

Where can I learn about the craft of writing?

How do I write a query letter?

What is voice?

How do I get my short story published?

Where do I get help publishing my memoir?

How do I become a New York Times Bestseller?

Where can I sell my book in the Coachella Valley?

Where can I find local writing contests?

How do I get my book into a library?

How do I begin writing?

How do I overcome writer’s block?

How do I market my book?

Where can I learn about writing poetry?

How do authors use social media?

How do I write dialogue?

How do I get book reviews?

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Fellowship in a Community of Writers of All Ages!

Critique Groups
Critique Groups are touted by many members to be the best benefit of membership.

The guiding principle of the group is to critique, not criticize. We are here to help, not tear down. We are here not to change your unique writing style, but to help you strengthen it. Read more...

The Palm Springs Writers Guild offers several types of contests throughout the program season. Most contest winners will receive a prize of some denomination. For experienced writers, this may also be an opportunity for creative challenge by writing outside of his/her genre. Read more...

As a member, you have the opportunity to advertise your book in the Member Books section and to list your achievements in the Member Highlights section of the website. Read more...

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2019-2020 Season Events

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Additional Benefits

Private Member Website Directory with Profile Page

Email Blast Reminders for Contests, Meetings & Events

Volunteer Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Website Advertisement for Professional Writing Services (additional fee)

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