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PSWG Mission


The Palm Springs Writers Guild encourages, develops, and supports aspiring and established Coachella Valley writers. We aim to provide both aspirational and functional guidance through informational and experiential programs to all levels of writers, based in a philosophy of inclusion and respect for the diversity of our membership. Our success is measured by the accomplishments of our writer members, their engagement and satisfaction, and the reputation and value of the Guild within the broader community.


The Palm Springs Writers Guild will be a vibrant and dynamic organization that offers continual opportunities for improvement and enrichment to its membership. It will be a preeminent space for writers to advance their craft and find camaraderie, with a focus on encouraging and supporting the next generation of local writers.


Author Success: We encourage, support, and educate Coachella Valley writers to achieve self-defined success, be that manuscript completion, first-time publication, or advancing established writing careers.

Craft-Advancing Activities: We develop and promote large and small group learning, feedback, and support activities that help individual members advance their craft and enrich their understanding of and interaction with the writing community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We value and commit to the diversity of our membership by providing inclusive and supportive programs that build upon the varied perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of our membership and the Coachella Valley.

Civic Engagement: We ensure the Guild is outward-focused, so that it and the Coachella Valley community find mutual benefit.