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The Palm Springs Writers Guild offers several Challenges & Contests throughout the year. All entries are read and reviewed by a professional editor and returned with edits, comments, and general feedback.

Challenges are our monthly opportunity for you to submit an entry on which a professional editor will give feedback. An outstanding entry may be pointed out and displayed on the website along with the edits and suggestions made by the editor, and similarly highlighted and discussed during our General Membership Meeting. Cost is $15 for a 500-word entry. See Challenge page for the list of upcoming Challenges, which may be fiction, non-fiction, or memoir.

In addition to the monthly Challenges we will occasionally announce larger seasonal or annual Contests, to be reviewed by the same editor. These are typically 2500 words, with slightly higher entry fees, but carry cash prizes for the winning entry. Links to these will appear under the Develop Your Skill-->Challenges & Contests menu above.

You must be a member to enter any contest/challenge. Rules and registration guidelines will be posted for each challenge/contest.

Any exceptional entry will be published on the website only with the author's permission for others to see. The authors understand, by submitting and allowing us to put their work on the website that some agents or publishers may consider them already published, so it MAY prevent using that work in future publications.

Best of luck to everyone sending in an entry. Your work is very much appreciated, and thank you for being a member and contributing to the success of the Palm Springs Writers Guild.

Questions? Contact Kathy Weyer