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Every month we will give you a subject to ponder and write 500 words. Rather than a contest, we are calling this a challenge; your work will be sent to a professional editor to be given some in-depth editing and feedback!

December 2021 Challenge
Holiday Magic

Find entry submission rules, judging criteria and register here.

Upcoming Challenges

December 2021 Challenge - 500 words
Holiday Magic
How does the Season affect you? What do you see through your eyes or the eyes of a child? Magical lights? Stories? Sleighs?


January 2022 Challenge - 500 words
Taking a Shortcut
What kinds of shortcuts work for you? Driving working, cooking? Is a short cut worth the risk?

February 2022 Challenge - 500 words
Down a Dark Alley
What do you see if you find yourself down a dark alley? Is there someone following you? Rats going through the trash? What are you feeling?

March 2022 Challenge - 500 words
Precious Momento
Write out a special remembrance, precious in value. How does it make you feel as you write it? Is it something to pass on?

April 2022 Challenge - 500 words
Last Words
This can be about conclusions and finality and beginnings and struggles. This might be a tough one, but you're up for the challenge!

May 2022 Challenge - 500 words
A Parent's Pride
You can figure this one out, and I bet you've already had something pop in your head. Let us hear your pride and celebrate with you!

June 2022 Challenge - 500 words
Summer Nights
Those summer nights, that sultry desert wind - what do you see, feel, love/hate?

Past Challenges

November 2021 Challenge
A Day in the Desert
Write 500 words about a day in the desert - any season, any time of day - what do you see, witness, observe?

October 2021 Challenge
Outside the Window
Write 500 words about what you see outside the window - any window, any season, any time of day - what do you see, witness, observe?

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