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Monthly Challenge

Every month we will give you a subject to ponder and write 500 words. Rather than a contest, we are calling this a challenge; your work will be sent to a professional editor to be given some in-depth editing and feedback! Questions? Contact Kathy Weyer

Upcoming Challenges

January 2023 Challenge
The Error
deadline January 21, 2023
Write 500 words about "The Error", computer error, something you forgot, use your imagination. Find entry submission rules, judging criteria and register click here.

December 2022 Challenge
The Guest
deadline December 21, 2022
Write 500 words about "The Guest", house guest, hotel guest, use your imagination.

Past Challenges

November 2022 Challenge
The Conundrum

Write 500 words about The Conundrum. Get written feedback from a professional editor!

October 2022 Challenge
The Dinner

Write 500 words about the dinner. Look at it from any angle: people at the dinner, the food, whatever you can think of about the dinner. And go! Make it unique!

September 2022 Challenge
The Kitchen

(This is why we call it a challenge!)

Write 500 words about the kitchen. Look at it from any angle: renovation, like/dislike, people in the kitchen, whatever you can think of about the kitchen. And go! Write about an object in the kitchen, why the kitchen is always where people congregate, a kitchen renovation, whatever comes to mind! Make it unique!

June 2022 Challenge
Summer Nights

Write 500 words about those summer nights, that sultry desert wind - what do you see, feel, love/hate?

May 2022 Challenge
Road Trip
Write 500 words. You can figure this one out, and I be you've already had something pop in your head. Let us hear your pride and celebrate with you.

April 2022 Challenge
Last Words
Write 500 words. This can be about conclusions and finality and beginnings and struggles. This might be a tough one, but you're up for the challenge!

March 2022 Challenge
Precious Momento
Write 500 words. Write out a special remembrance, precious in value. How does it make you feel as you write it? Is it something to pass on? Open to members only.

February 2022 Challenge
Down a Dark Alley
Write 500 words. What do you see if you find yourself down a dark alley? Is there someone following you? Rats going through the trash? What are you feeling? Open to members only.

January 2022 Challenge
Taking a Shortcut
Write 500 words. What kinds of shortcuts work for you? Driving working, cooking? Is a short cut worth the risk?

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