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We have a few critique groups now, and are looking to add more. If you would  like to be a part of a critique group, please contact to be added to the list of interested writers.

Critique groups are formed to meet at the members' convenience. Once we have a group together, the participants decide where to meet, how often, and how to bring your work to the group. Will you meet every week (most do)? Will you bring five pages and read it aloud, or send it earlier to be discussed at the group setting? Will you meet over the internet or at a cafe or someone's home? All that is to be determined be each group. There are no rules, except a few guidelines:

This is a Guild benefit to be run by the groups. However, we do ask that each group:

  • Establishes a positive environment, one meant to encourage rather than criticize.
  • Has a leader, a liaison back to the Guild for guidance and postings
  • Includes participants that are members of the Guild. If you bring a guest, please encourage them to become a member.

Writing is a solitary exercise. The camaraderie with other writers and the sounding board of a group can be very helpful. Just having someone take the time to digest your words as a reader can give you an edge you had not thought of.

But the bottom line is, you are putting your work out there for review. That can be intimidating, but know that the responses and critiques you get are just that - someone else's opinion - take what you will for improvement and quietly reject what doesn't feel right to you. It's your work, but know that we are all here to help each other.

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Contact for this program is Kristina Hoffman:

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