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Organizational Goals:

Member Support:

  • Facilitate author interaction via critique groups and online interactions
  • Provide access to industry leaders, experts, and information

Advance the Craft of Writing:

  • Provide regular educational opportunities via workshops, bootcamps, and meetings
  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge and expertise between advanced/accomplished members and newer/novice members
  • Provide mentoring and other guidance

Community Engagement:

  • Increase the amount and number of scholarships provided to Valley students.
  • Enhance awareness and stature of PSWG in the Valley, and then SoCal

Promote Palm Springs/Coachella Valley as Writing Destination/Hub:

  • Promote Guild in local educational communities
  • Build awareness via local event participation
  • Engage with local media

Strategic Priorities:

To achieve our Vision and ensure the needs of our membership and community are met, the following Strategic Priorities will define our direction for the next three years:

  1. Enhance Author Development
  2. Expand Membership
  3. Increase Revenues
  4. Provide Scholarship/Support to Young Writers
  5. Increase Stature and Awareness of the Guild

Implementation Plan:

Over the next three years the Palm Springs Writers Guild will achieve these strategic priorities (expanded below) via a staggered implementation plan.

    • Year One: Begin implementation of 1.1 thru 3.1
    • Year Two: Complete implementation of 1.1 thru 3.1; Begin implementation of 3.2 thru 5.2
    • Year Three: Complete implementation of 3.2 thru 5.3
1.     Enhance Author Development

1.1 Improve Critique Groups
1.1.1 Expand the number
1.1.2 Organize by genre/topic/expertise
1.1.3 Create online management system
1.1.4 Signup at meetings

1.2 Restore & expand active educational experiences at General Meetings
1.3 Create and facilitate online member forums
1.4 Create author mentor program?
1.5 Upcoming writer segment at monthly meetings
1.5.1 Read short section to attendees
1.5.2 Receive anonymous feedback via standardized evaluation forms (online?)
1.6 Create online training programs for writers, members and non-members

2.     Expand Membership

2.1 Reach out to CoD, UCRPD & CSUSBPD writing departments & students
2.2 Cross-promote guild to other societies
2.3 Promote guild in local media
2.4 Create booth for local events/festivals if deemed cost-effective
2.5 Increase perceived value of monthly meetings
2.5.1 Critique group signups & info tables
2.5.2 Short presentations by local writers
2.5.3 Educational component at each meeting

3.     Increase Revenues

3.1 Find Sponsors for Regular Meetings and Scholarship Program
3.2 Explore Development of Palm Springs Writers’ retreat for members & non-members
3.3 Sell advertising in PSWG monthly newsletter

4.     Provide Scholarships & Support to Young Writers

4.1 Formalize Annual Fundraiser
4.2 Develop criteria for awarding of scholarships
4.3 Develop relationships with All public CV high schools
4.4 Have annual young writers’ showcase at a monthly meeting

5.     Increase Stature & Awareness of the Guild

5.1 Above efforts should have this effect
5.2 PR effort for coverage in local/regional media
5.3 Collect data for marketing analytics; to better understand benefits sought by existing and potential members

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