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VOLUNTEER Position Vacancies
Updated: 02/20/23

    Please help your Guild and volunteer with us! We are always in need of help to ensure we provide all the benefits valued by our members. Regardless of your interests, skills, or availability there’s a volunteer opportunity for you!

    Below is a list of our current volunteer needs. 

    Vice President
    Position Summary: Acts as President when needed; responsible for special projects (e.g. Strategic Planning, Research, Organizational Structure); assistance with General Meetings, filling vacancies.

    Detailed Duties:

    • Acting President when President is unavailable
    • Attend meetings of the Board of Directors or provide a representative to attend said meetings.
    • Develop and Maintain PSWG Strategic plan and related documents
    • Design and conduct necessary research to support operations and ensure member benefits are delivered
    • Support Directors by providing annual member survey results and data, and working with them to develop strategies based on the findings
    • Assist in creation of PowerPoint slides for Members Meetings as needed
    • Assist with monthly Board & General Meetings
    • Share in Members Meeting speaking duties as needed
    • Identify, implement, and coordinate Board communication tools, and provide support to the Board on their use
    • Attend and oversee Guild events as schedule permits and in coordination with other Board members
    • Work with all Board members to ensure PSWG strategic plans are being met

    Public Relations Coordinator
    Position SummaryResponsible for press releases, communications with media outlets, and other mechanisms for gaining publicity for the Guild and its activities. Works closely with Social Media Coordinator

      Please Contact PSWG President Matthew Lancellotti to volunteer and discuss which position might be the best fit for you.

      Thank You!